Cherry Blossoms

Come Explore Washington, D.C. During the Spring

A visit to Washington, D.C. is guaranteed to have something for EVERYONE year round. The Nation’s capital offers a certain level of charm, tradition, and nostalgia that appeals to the masses. This is especially true in the spring when the pink and white cherry blossoms grace the city. Planning a trip to Washington, D.C. to see the cherry blossoms can be a bit cumbersome, but it is definitely worth it!

Planning is a MUST.

Although the blossoms are extremely beautiful, timing their opening can be a bit tedious. This is especially true if you do not live in the local area. Blossoms have opened as early as mid - March and at times as late as mid - April. If you are planning your trip consider book marking the following sites: Cherry Blossom Watch Updates and the National Park Service. The Cherry Blossom Watch Update site has been tracking the blooms since 2010. Both sites will provide you with peak times for the blossoms.

Flexibility is KEY.The cherry blossoms draw visitors from near and far, I can understand the attraction, the blooms are gorgeous. While planning your venture in Washington, D.C. make sure that you schedule an “off-time” to take in the blossoms. The crowds tend to be less during the week when school is in session and office buildings are full of workers. Another tip which may work in your favor, visit the cherry blossoms at the beginning or end of the day. Consider doing other activities - visit the National Zoo or another part of the Smithsonian - during the main portion of the day.

Make Sure You Wear Your Fitbit! Be prepared to walk a bit in order to get the best views of the cherry blossoms. Along the way, make sure you take in all of the history that our nation's capitol has to offer!

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