Having A Little Fun In London!

London is one of my favorite places! See below for recommendations on where to go, what to see, and what to do while there.

Go to the British Museum. Whether or not you are a history bug, the British Museum will surely fascinate you. It houses more than fifteen million of artifacts so the visit will open your eyes to its rich historical accounts as well as provide you with an educational experience. Its numerous collections will never fail to perk up your mood.

The British Museum - London

Capture the wonder of London Tower Bridge by dusk. Being one of the renowned London icons, the bridge itself stands majestically across the River Thames. The river flows peacefully despite the traffic jam over the bridge. Take photos of it at dusk and you will definitely love the scenery!

London Tower Bridge

See the Big Ben Clock Tower. The clock tower is considered to be the biggest four-faced chiming clock with a captivating structural design. The Big Ben on the other hand is the gigantic bell that is inside the clock tower.

Big Ben Clock Tower

See for yourself the changing of the Queens' Guards. Be sure not to miss this chance of witnessing the changing of the guards at the Buckingham Palace.

Changing of the Guard

Tour Westminster Palace. If you head to London on the summer months, you can grab an opportunity of getting into the palace and hearing of its educational and historical commentaries.

Westminster Palace

Go shopping at Harrods. Whether you want to buy or simply look around, this shopping place is truly worth your time.

Go shopping at Harrods

Walk around Trafalgar Square. While you may not feed the pigeons, the open square provides a great place for taking a walk.

Trafalgar Square

Visit the London Eye. Take a full view of the city as you ride this Ferris Wheel.

London Eye

So, are you already up for the fun and adventure that a London vacation holds for you? Give us a call when you're ready to book!

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