Say Yes To A Babymoon!

A babymoon is the perfect opportunity for expectant parents to take one last relaxing and romantic vacation before baby arrives! These trips are normally planned in the second trimester of pregnancy, but make sure you check with your doctor as each pregnancy is different.

Get ready to relax and enjoy before baby comes.

Why should you take a babymoon?

The need for relaxation: During pregnancy, stress, anxiety and energy levels can run from high to low rather quickly. A vacation can be the one thing that allows you to have a break from everything. A babymoon provides just that and much more as the couple gets to slow down, place focus on themselves and also on the things that matter.

Having quality time with your partner: Like it or not, the center of attention changes after giving birth to a baby and when it does it might be difficult to handle for both partners. So getting the chance for romance and bonding together before the birth of the baby is very important for couples.

The need for time out: Let's be honest, the effects of daily life can be stressful. Now add baby into the equation, and the endless list of things to be done before the due date can be overwhelming to say the least. Take some time away to put everything into perspective a few months before the arrival of your little one.

Because you still can: Having a baby is one of the most amazing journeys that a couple can take. With the due date approaching, your life as a couple will change forever! It will also have an impact on how you travel in the future. A babymoon allows both of you to get in one last adventure before baby makes three (or four!). Plan a babymoon to enjoy the alone time with your partner because it might take a while to get such an opportunity again.

BEST TIMES TO GO ON BABYMOON.The best time to go on a babymoon is in the second trimester. This does not mean you can't go during the early stages of the pregnancy, but going in the second trimester normally means you are past many of the early symptoms of pregnancy and before the swollen ankles, to mention a few. It is still advisable to your doctor to know what your body permits and what it doesn't.

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